Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Day In The Life of Stress...

I have failed miserably at blogging lately.  So many things have happened since my days off.  Most importantly, my daughter had an out of state interview and that was first and foremost on our minds.  Everything went better than planned and she aced everything and was offered a position in Dallas!  She took the job and is scheduled to start on October 17!   This is stressful on so many levels.  #1 - she is leaving the state she was raised in  #2  - she is leaving me  #3 - she is leaving her family/friends/boyfriend #4 - she is moving to a big new city and a big new job  #4 - she has to get out of her current apartment, move in to an apartment at my step-daughter's house and everything is happening in 3 weeks!!!   Eeeek, can we be more stressed - and it's not even happening to ME, it's happening to HER!   As proud as I am that she aced everything they threw her way, and as excited as I am that she has an awesome opportunity to expand her knowledge, further her career and be the next
'Carrie  Bradshaw of Dallas', I am also sad that she will be even further away from me.   Granted, she was already 2 hours away, but now she's 4......but I plan to make many trips to see her since my step-daughter and step-grandkids are in Dallas with her!   And my goal is to become closer to them, not only in distance, but as a grandma (my daughter and I are already attached at the hip, so doubt we could EVER be closer!).....And, on top of all this stress, I will worry about my daughter's new job, her stress, her life in the big city, her safety, her well being, just....her life in general!!!  I have no doubt she will be awesome - she's a brilliant, beautiful, loving young lady and they are so lucky to have her.   But a mom's job is to worry...and I am wonderful at that job!!!!  BUT.....I KNOW she will do a GREAT job and they will LOVE her ALMOST as much as I do!!!!

Okay, on top of that, we are still preparing for my son and daughter-in-law's baby shower.  I have been crafting my little butt off in my garage, making all kinds of crafty, cute things for the baby shower.  I hope everything goes according to plan - it should be awesome if everything comes together as we hope it will.   My little grandson weighed in at his last check up at 2 lbs, 15 oz.....growing like a little weed.   His poor momma was so sick for so long and I'm grateful that she's finally feeling good and that he's getting to be a big boy!!   I can't wait to see him and can't believe that it is only 6 weeks away!!!   Eeek, where has the time gone!!! (although I'm sure to the little momma, it has been a long time comin' and she can't wait for him to get here!!)    My last trip to Dallas resulted in my bringing back LOTS of  baby toys donated by my that got me even more excited!!   Can't wait to hold that little boy in my arms and see his sweet face and be an honest to goodness grandma!!!!!!!!!!    Can't believe how much love I have for him already in my heart!!!!!!!

Oh, I can't forget to mention on that most recent trip to Dallas referred to above, that we were there for a BIG surprise 40th birthday party for my stepdaughter.  Her husband totally surprised her and rented out LaGrange in Dallas with the band Whiskey Pants for her party - it was greater than great!!!!   She was totally surprised and we had an awesomely GREAT time with family and friends.   She is all I could possibly want in a stepdaughter.   A wonderful mother, a beautiful, smart, loving young lady that is so much fun to be around.   Could I be more blessed with my family????   I think not!   And now my stepdaughter and my daughter will be living together and bonding and our entire family will become closer than ever!!!!    Life is good, God is good and I'm thankful every day for everything that I have!!

So with that, I will close.   Stay tuned for a day in the life of the move to Dallas!!!!